‘Effective’ plants ‘repulsive’ to rats to make your garden ‘uninhabitable’

David Domoney discusses planting mint

Using plants as a deterrent is a great way to naturally keep rodents out of the garden because it is eco-friendly and won’t harm them.

1. Mint

Georgios Likopoulous from Fantastic Pest Control said: “You can cut off some access points for rodents by growing mint beds around the garden.

“Mint is very unpleasant to rats. In addition to growing mint, you can use it to flavour your food and beverages.”

2. Garlic

According to the expert, the smell of garlic is also “repulsive” to rodents, and they will “hesitate” before getting close to it.

Try squirting garlic water down any nearby rat burrows and they will eventually leave the place, preventing them from causing further damage in the garden.

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3. Lavender

The pest control expert explained: “For rats, smell plays an important role in finding food and avoiding dangers or repulsive scents.

“A scent that humans love, lavender, has quite the opposite effect on rats. Its potent smell can discourage them from finding food.

“This is why they avoid plants like this. A good place to plant it is near decks, garden structures, and areas around the garden where rats might congregate.”

4. Herbs

Planting herbs such as basil, thyme and echinacea around the perimeter of the garden is a “great way to deter rats”, according to Georgios.

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This is because when they smell the herbs, they will immediately realise that your garden is “uninhabitable”.

What’s more, the fresh herbs and pleasant scent in the garden from all of the herbs will also deter other pests including mosquitoes.

5. Onion

The pest expert said: “You can either plant onions in your garden or place them at the most common points of entry for rats.

“The moment they smell it, they will run. Place a new onion every few days or else it will rot. Onions, however, can be dangerous if you have pets.

“Growing leeks, onions and garlic in beds is an effective way to discourage rats and several other pests from entering your garden.”

When it comes to other methods to deter rats, the pro recommended getting rid of clutter as well as getting rid of bird feeders and pet food.

Using bird feeders can attract rats and other rodents, although great for birds. It is also advised to mow the lawn regularly to prevent rats from hiding in it as well as removing bird baths.

Rats cannot survive without water so giving them a water source in the garden will encourage them to keep coming back.

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