‘Don’t expose your plants to cold draughts’: Expert shares tips on caring for houseplants

Gardeners' World: How to care for houseplants

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Houseplants are extremely popular due to the majority of them being low maintenance. However, some houseplants require a little bit of extra care throughout the winter months as the temperature changes and many Britons put their heating on. Many houseplants in the UK originate from tropical climates with high humidity which means they prefer dryer conditions.

To see houseplants into the new year there are some key changes that should be make when caring for them, and it’s all to do with the conditions they are kept in.

Experts at Fantastic Gardeners have shared simple tips on caring for houseplants during winter.

An important factor when caring for houseplants is the temperature they are kept at.

The experts explained how most houseplants prefer to be kept at “room temperature”.

They said: “Just like us, most plants prefer room temperatures that are between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius.

“Make sure you don’t expose your plants to cold draughts, and windows and doors that are often open.”

So, keeping that thermostat on will be beneficial to the plants.

Another tip from the gardening experts at Fantastic Gardens is to regularly check them for “plant pests”.

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They said: “Check your plants for mealy bugs, thrips, and other plant pests that tend to breed and appear over the cold winter months.

“It’s important to check all plants, especially ones that have been kept outside until now.”

During winter many people have their thermostats cranked up, and so their house becomes a “perfect” environment for insects.

Fantastic Gardeners wrote: “Your warm house becomes the perfect environment for many pests.”

The last tip from the plant enthusiasts at Fantastic Gardeners is to clean “healthy leaves” and remove “slimy leaves”.

The gardening experts advises that houseplant owners check on their plants “throughout the season”.

They said: “Get rid of any plants and leaves that seem to have disease or insect issues. 

“You don’t want those to attract pests for the winter.

“Numerous houseplants often get thick layers of dust on their leaves, which decreases the amount of light they are able to get. 

“Wipe the dust off the leaves occasionally with a wet cloth or a cotton bud.”

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