Décor trends to ditch in 2021

Owl motifs, floral cushions and Indian kitsch. Here’s what you need to bid goodbye to this year

If you’re planning to ring in the new, we suggest that you stay clear of these 10 décor trends that have been done to death over the past few years. They’ve had their 15 minutes of fame and it’s time to bid them adieu.

Floral overload. Flowers on the walls, the bedding, the cushions, the sofa and even in the powder room. All that flower power may have lit up granny’s boudoir, but it just won’t do for a bedroom for the woman of today.

Colour-coded bookshelves. Styling a bookshelf is fine, we’re all for it. But devoting hours to painstakingly arranging books by colour gets our goat. Wouldn’t you spend that time reading?

Owl is not well. The playful owl — in all sorts of shapes, forms and colours — has perched everywhere. On cookie jars, bed linen, tins, salt and pepper shakers, decals, even wallpaper. Can he just fly off now?

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Wall-to-wall carpeting. Sure it makes sense in places where the temperature plummets to below zero regularly. But out here? Nah! It just ends up becoming a dust trap — one you are forced to live with.

Ruffled skirts. For anything and everything — be it the bed, the curtains, the pelmet, the sofa set or the vanity. Does everything need to be covered up with a long fabric skirt? Mini anyone? Meaning minimalist!

Face-off. Andy Warhol may have given a variety of celebrities more than their 15 minutes of fame, but haven’t we all enough of celebrity faces popping out at us unexpectedly on the sofa and settees. No more Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Salim/Anarkali!

Plastic table cloths. Designed to prevent food, drink or dirt from adhering to the cloth tablecloth beneath, these pieces of plastic showed that you valued that piece of cloth more than the people you were eating with.

Indian kitsch. There seems to be no letup in the love for Indian kitsch. Bollywood memorabilia, street art, metal and wood trunks, tiffin boxes, chai glass holders, kettles and household objects. Enough already!

Ombre. The word is traced to the French word ‘ombrer’, which means ‘to shade’. Ombre has taken over many modern homes via painted furniture, art, bedding, and accessories like shades, lamps, lampshades and rugs. Its moment is over.

Glass bricks indoors. Time was when these little bits of glass were used to create an “airy” feel or let in light. But there are lots of other ways to do that, aren’t there?

Which décor trend do you wish would never return?

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