Dean and Ziggy become new parents in Home and Away

It’s nearly the end of Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) pregnancy, and the couple are awaiting their new arrival.

However, their love bubble is burst when a surprise visitor arrives on their doorstep – Karen (Georgia Adamson), Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) mum, is back in the Bay. She’s ecstatic about her grandchild being on the way, and insists they’ll need help once the baby is here.

Dean and Ziggy are dismayed – how will they get rid of the overbearing grandmother? They ask about her work – they said she can take all the time she needs. They ask about Brett – her fiance understand she needs to spend time with family. To their horror, Karen begins making herself at home – even making her dreaded meatloaf.

Ziggy is furious – Karen’s presence is the last thing they need. She hisses to Dean that he needs to get rid of her. Trying to be tactful, Dean begins a speech to his mum about how she really needs to leave. Ziggy keeps interrupting him, but Dean assures her – he’s got the situation handled. However, Ziggy interrupts him again – no, that’s not it. She’s in labour!

Karen is thrilled, rushing with the couple to the hospital. She waits outside – with a beer to keep her company. Meanwhile, Ziggy paces her room in hospital, insisting that Dean needs to get rid of his mother – right now! Dean is stuck in between two strong-willed women – his excited, overbearing mother, and his furious, pregnant girlfriend about to have their baby…

The midwife arrives to help Ziggy through her labour, and she is terrified. But Dean is there to give his full support after hatching a clever plan to keep his mother at bay.

He breathes through the pain with her, and there’s just one final push to go. Then Dean and Ziggy are greeted by their first child…

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