Best house plants for Christmas: Best blooms for winter list – ‘works really well’

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Fresh flowers bring beauty and scents to a home, as no one knowns better than Anna Eklöv – founder of an online florist called LÖV Flowers. 

The florist sends letterbox flowers to order, as well as crafting flowers for events such as weddings.

She focuses on Scandinavian design, and has crafted interor Christmas designs for homes.

With such exerptise under her belt, Anna advised readers on decorating with flowers for the festive season.

Anna told “Since we like to use central heating during the winter months, the best flowers to decorate with for Christmas are flowers that stand the heat a bit better.

“So, flowers such as hypericum berries, Ilex flower, carnations, calla lilies, thistles, alstroemerias all last well in rooms with central heating.

“We love to incorporate lots of foliage as well in our arrangements to create a natural look which works really well for Christmas.”

The expert also recently advised on how to keep house plants alive. 

Anna said it is vital to keep your house plants out of drafty areas.

The best temperature for housep lants is 15 and 23 degrees, she said.

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Best house plants for winter and Chirstmas

Hypericum berries

These start out of as small yellow flowers. However, later they develop into beautiful, shiny berries.

The berries comes in gorgeous hues, fom white, coral, peach to deep red.

Hypericum Coco Uno is a white variety, which is very popular.

Hypericum Coco Casino is a pretty pink varity while Hypericum Coco Grando is the perfect red hue for Christmas.

Ilex flower

Ilex flower is known better a holly. It comes with braches full of small bright berries.

It comes most commonly in red, but also in yellow, cream, orange, green and pink.

Holly is a Christmas classic and the green spiky leaves are perfect for the festive season.


Carnations are classic plants, with bountiful frilly leaves.

They comes in a huge variety, including a bright pink and festive red.

Calla lilies

These elegant, tube shaped flowers will grow well in heated homes. Try the California Red for a deep pink or for a white display the California Ice Dancer.


The national flower of Scotland, these plants have sharp prickles and grow in pink and blue hues.


Lastly, try alstroemerias, otherwise known as Lily of the Incas or the Peruvian Lily.

The flowers come in white, red and purple, among other hues.

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