You've been eating your McDonald's wrong – try this TikTok hack for loaded fries

Ah the humble McDonald’s French fry.

So simple, and yet oh-so-delicious, you might think McDonald’s chips are perfect just as they are.

Well, according to TikTok we’ve all been missing out.

UK creator Dorian Jessica has opened our eyes to a world of possibilities, thanks to her videos sharing her recipes for McDonald’s loaded fries.

No, the Golden Arches don’t have a loaded fries dish on their menu – but don’t let that stop you.

By ordering a few extra items, and combining them all together, Dorian creates a taste sensation, which you can easily try at home.

Another loaded fries! Cause why not! #mcdonalds #fyp #viral

In her latest loaded fries video, which has been viewed 1.9million times, Dorian starts by filling a bowl with fries, before pulling two Chicken Big Macs from her takeaway bag.

She then proceeds to tear the burger buns apart (not the chicken) and adds them to the bowl. ‘Not only is it going to have the Big Mac sauce on it… it’s going to have the cheesy goodness on it as well,’ she says, referring to the sauce on the burger buns.

She then added pickles onto the chips, as well as McDonald’s sour cream and chive dip.

‘Last but not least, we’re going to need to drizzle on some barbeque, and that’s it,’ she says.

Tucking into her creation and looking rather pleased with herself she gave the dish a rave review: ‘that smacks.’

This is not the first time Dorian has managed to elevate her McDonald’s fries. She previously took a midnight trip to the fast food chain where she purchased chips, chicken nuggets with two slices of cheese, and a box of pickles.

Little mcdonalds loaded fries haha #fyp #viral

‘We’re going to layer it up,’ she said. She then again added the sour cream and cheese dip, followed by the barbeque.

‘Do not tell me that this is not a concoction,’ she said. ‘Look at that.’

And once again, she gave it a five star review. ‘That slaps,’ she said.

We’re 100% here for the unbridled McDonald’s joy.

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