Want free Subway for life? All you need to do is change your name

Free Subway, whenever you want it, for the rest of your life?

Sounds pretty great to us.

But, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is – and for this offer, there’s a pretty big catch.

One lucky sandwich fan will win the big prize, but only if they agree to legally change their name to Subway.

Now, we like Meatball Marinara as much as the next person, but that’s quite the commitment to free food.

And no, you can’t cheat the system. The restaurant chain will need proof that you’ve changed your name within four months of being selected as the winner.

Between August 1 and August 4, fans can visit SubwayNameChange.com to enter, and all costs to change your name will be covered by Subway (the restaurant, not the person).

But before you start filling in that Deed Poll form, the competition is only open to residents in the USA, who will win a $50,000 voucher if selected – which should mean they can live out their days eating subs whenever they please.

The company’s website read: ‘Subway is looking to reward its biggest fan with free subs for life if they legally change their first name to Subway.

‘Subway brand love and dedication run deep, especially when free sandwiches are up for grabs.’

By changing their name the diehard fan will ‘assume an iconic new identity’ according to the website.

And while you’d be forgiven for thinking that no one will actually do this, you’re underestimating Subway’s fanbase.

Last year, someone camped out for two days to get a footlong tattoo of the Subway logo in exchange for free Subway for life. 

The wild competition is part of the launch of the chain’s new Deli Heroes range, which features a collection of authentic, deli-style subs, using freshly sliced meats.

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