'Ultra-rare' heart-shaped crisp selling for £250 on eBay

The world of rare crisps is a fascinating one.

From the puffy Dorito worth £10,000 to the company that makes it to the world’s longest Hula Hoop destined to be a ‘family heirloom’, it seems you never know when your crisp packet could contain a surprise windfall.

Now, a new sought-after potato snack has entered the chat – an ‘ultra-rare’ Walkers crisp shaped like a heart.

Ready salted flavoured, this is a very delicate find thanks to the fact that it is puffed up in the middle.

Indeed, one side of the crisp has already cracked.

This means the lucky buyer will likely have to store it very carefully in a safe place.

Interested? Well, you’ll have to part with £250 to get it.

Whoever buys it will also need to pay a delivery fee of £4.20 to have it shipped from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

If that’s a bit steep for you, you can also finance it for as little as £12 a month.

This means you’ll be paying off the crisp over 24 months, and will pay £288 in total.

If you’re not happy with the coveted crisp for whatever reason, you’ll have 30 days to return it.

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