Trader Joe's Just Dropped a New Dessert That Root Beer Lovers Need to Try ASAP

There’s nothing quite like the flavor of root beer. For many, the taste brings us right back to childhood when summer days were spent sipping root beer on the beach or treating ourselves to a root beer float after school. Trader Joe’s just bottled that nostalgia and created a frozen dessert for root beer lovers and root beer lovers only.

Trader Joe’s brand new Root Beer Float Bars are basically just root beer floats on a stick. The outside is frozen root beer-flavored deliciousness and inside each bar is classic vanilla ice cream. Simple, sweet, and oozing with nostalgia.

“A soda fountain favorite fantastically on a stick,” the description of the Root Beer Float Bars reads on the box. “These brilliant bars will bring you back to sunny afternoons spent relishing in root beer float bliss.”

Each box comes with six bars and the best part is that a single serving size is actually two bars, so yeah — go back for seconds.

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“I’m in love with these!!! Please keep them year-round ‼️” one person commented on the Trader Joe’s List Instagram post. Another person added, “I just ate one. Omg so freakin good!!”

Someone else joked, “Delete this rn!!!! These are secret.” Sorry, but the cat is officially out of the bag and there’s no going back.

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