TikToker’s simple storage method for potatoes will change your life

Potatoes really are the people’s food, so much so that we each eat around 103kg of them every year – that’s roughly 500 medium-sized potatoes a year.

Yet despite how much we love the humble spud, they still come with their difficulties, especially when they start sprouting.

Many have imparted their wisdom over the years about how best to store them, with some measures more effective than others and a seemingly never-ending debate about where best to store them.

And now one TikToker has shared her potato storage technique that she absolutely swears by.

@dr.erincarter is a wellness blogger and rheumatologist (a specialist who diagnoses and treats arthritis and other immune-related diseases) who uses her TikTok profile of almost 70,000 followers to share healthy recipes and health info.

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She said in the video: “I’m going to show you a storage hack for potatoes that is going to change your life.”

Her wisdom when it comes to storing potatoes is therefore another illustration of her offering health advice, as green or sprouted potatoes can cause toxicity from solanine and chaconine.

Her first step in the process is simple: remove your shop-bought potatoes from their plastic bag and transfer them over to a paper bag.

That’s all very easy, but up next comes Erin’s “real secret” – adding an apple to the bag.

It might seem like an odd move but the science behind it is reputable and has even been backed up by a 2016 study in the Journal of Food Science and Technology.

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In fact, storing potatoes with an apple prevents the potatoes’ sprouts from developing and also extends their shelf life.

That’s because the ethylene gas produced by the apples can reduce the rate of carbohydrate metabolism, slowing down the sprouting process.

What’s more, the gas emitted from the apples also increases the respiration rate of the spuds, ensuring they have a prolonged freshness.

So after all these years of us trying to keep the simple potato alive a little longer, all it takes, according to some, is an even simpler apple.

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