This Bunny Mini Waffle Maker From Dash Comes In The Prettiest Pastel Colors

IMHO, there’s almost nothing cuter than a fluffy bunny, but what about bunny-shaped breakfast bites? While you won’t be dyeing any eggs anytime soon, you can look forward to the Easter holiday early, thanks to a waffle maker in pretty pastel shades. In honor of spring, you can make the cutest bunny-shaped waffles all year-round with this Bunny Mini Waffle Maker from Dash.

Kitchen appliance brand Dash released its new Bunny Mini Waffle Maker in early February, and it’s about to make breakfast so cute. Available on Dash’s website in pastel pink and blue colors, the Bunny Mini Waffle Maker will serve up bunny-shaped bites with no set-up required. With a traditional nonstick waffle plate on one side and a bunny-shaped mold on the other, this Easter-inspired appliance creates mini 4-inch waffles and is compact, measuring 6.4-inches in width and 2.8-inches in height.

If you’re ready to "add to cart," you can get the Bunny Mini Waffle Maker for $11.99 on Dash’s website (20% off of its regular price of $14.99). You can also find the breakfast appliance in-stores and online from retailers like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Crate & Barrel.

Shipping from Dash is free on orders over $50, but if you get the waffle maker alone, the shipping cost will vary by location — you can expect under $10 for standard ground shipping.

Dash’s Bunny Mini Waffle Maker also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, or a 2-year warranty when you register for Dash’s free Feel Good Rewards program.

The Bunny Waffle Maker will be available all year long unless the product sells out early, so if you’re hoping to score the appliance in time for Easter, you may want to order one soon. As of publication, Dash does not have plans to restock the waffle makers if they sell out.

If you want a slew of adorable waffles, other festive options from the company include a red Heart Mini Waffle Maker for $11.99, a pastel blue Mini Bundt Cake Maker for $16.99, and a yellow Honeycomb Mini Waffle Maker for $11.99.

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