Tesco employees stunned by revelation of secret perk

A former Tesco worker has opened up about a perk of his old job on TikTok – which has left current employees and shoppers stunned.

Nik Burua shocked workers by revealing both a money and time-saving piece of insider info: the existence of supermarket’s ‘colleague shop’ system.

According to him, employees are allowed to bag completely free items at the end of the day.

This usually includes fruit, vegetable and fresh meat which might go out of date soon, as well as ready meals.

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The video went viral on social media – picking up more than 230,000 views on TikTok.

‘Basically, colleague shop is after 9pm, around then all items are free for colleagues that are on shift,’ explained Niv.

‘So it’s a great, great perk and you end up taking home some free food, it’s pretty decent.’

Many people replied to his post, include current Tesco staff, who said they had never heard of such a thing.

‘Oh, I work morning shifts, so I wouldn’t know that,’ commented one employee.

Another cleared up any misconceptions by posting that they work at Tesco, saying it’s ‘not all items, it’s the reduced items that say CS on them.’

One TikTok user also commented that ‘it’s just reduction food’ with another saying that it’s just ‘reduced items that haven’t been picked up.’

Either way, we’re here for a bargain.

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