M&S shoppers go crazy for new White Pearl Strawberries

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Marks & Spencer shoppers were left amazed when the major supermarket

Described as a “strawberry in reverse” by the supermarket, white on the outside, white flesh on the inside and red seeds.

The White Pearl Strawberries are sweet like typical red strawberries with an aroma of pineapple and notes of vanilla.

They were developed in Japan, using seeds from Japanese white strawberries crossed with traditional strawberries to create the unique blend.

According to the supermarket, this tasty fruit is best enjoyed at room temperature.

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In less than 24 hours it has amassed a whopping 14,959 likes and many comments from excited customers.

Many tagged their loved ones under the post saying “we have to try these!”.

@travellingspiritgofor it was a huge fan: “I’m so lucky to have found some! Absolutely delicious. Highly recommend if you’re a foodie!”

Sceptical shopper @laumccluskey couldn’t believe her eyes: “Just had to look at the month and make sure it wasn’t April 1.” @labelsforlunch seconded this: “For a split second I thought this was an April Fool’s joke.”

There were some customers who mistook the fruit for regular strawberries covered in white chocolate.

Some customers were shocked by the strawberries’ appearance, with @mrs_em_r_em commenting: “I’m sure they’re delicious but I’m not sure I can get on with how they look.”

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The White Pearl Strawberries already has some celebrity fans. Author and TV cook Juliet Sear commented: “Omg what the flip? These look incredible.”

Singer Kimberley Walsh reacted to the news with a heart eye emoji. Author Riyadh Khalaf added that he “needs to try these”.

Content creator Georgie Halfacree couldn’t contain her excitement: “Wooowwwwwwww!!! Need to try.”

This is not the first time the supermarket brought a unique fruit into stores.

They were first to bring Cotton Candy grapes to the market, as well as Baby Kiwi Berries and more recently the Limelon.

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