‘Mind-blowing’ tip to cook crispy bacon in 5 minutes without oven or air fryer

Bacon is loved for its smoked, salty flavour, and this comes out even more when the meat is cooked to a crisp texture.

But when heated in a frying pan, this often requires extra fats and oils to enhance it and can take so much longer.

While an air fryer can be a good alternative, bacon cannot be cooked in less than five minutes in these appliances and the cleanup can be tiresome.

Taking to TikTok, Ebony Ellis, otherwise known as @teasonthetable_cornwall, has shared how to go about cooking “crispy” bacon in the microwave.

Ebony captioned the video that garnered 9.7k views on TikTok: “Mind-blown. Microwave crispy bacon.”

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@teasonthetable_cornwall MIND BLOWN ������ Microwave CRISPY bacon?! #microwave #microwavebacon #whoknew #gamechanger #mindblown #savingmoney #hack #mindblown #probablylatetothetrend #teasonthetable #bacon #baconlover ♬ original sound – Ebony Ellis

She said: “I never knew that people cooked bacon in the microwave – and apparently it can still go crispy.”

Deciding to put this method of cooking bacon to the test, Ebony started by laying the rashes of bacon on paper towels on a microwave-safe plate, making sure the pieces of bacon were not touching.

The TikToker then laid another piece of kitchen roll over the top of the bacon before putting it in the microwave for three minutes.

The paper towels are needed to soak up the excess fat and help steam the bacon.

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Once the three minutes were up, Ebony checked on the bacon and while they already looked slightly crispy, she decided to put them in for a further two minutes as she wanted her bacon “crispier”.

When going in for a taste test of the bacon, the food enthusiast said: “That’s crispy. Insane. Game-changer.”

Ebony concluded that while the flavour of bacon cooked in the microwave is “different”, for a method that’s taken five minutes, it’s a “proper game-changer”. She added: “I will definitely do that again. It’s just mind-blowing.”

TikTok users shared their comments on the hack. @adhdandamy said: “Yeah I used to do it at my old job lol.”

@mistymouch wrote: “Been doing this for years, microwave ovens aren’t for just warming food.”

One user claimed that the bacon comes out “better” if grease-proof paper is used instead of paper towels.

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