Michael Strahan’s unusual breakfast proves to be a little divisive

Michael Strahan has always been on top of his fitness, and part of that fitness comes from a healthy breakfast to start the day off.

However, his choice of food ended up dividing fans as he gave them an option of two meals. Taking to Instagram to show off his meal, he presented two different sandwiches that featured different ingredients, asking fans which one he should choose.

One sandwich featured bacon, eggs and oatmeal, while the other one substituted out the oatmeal for some avocado. But both of the delicacies featured the same bread, which had been cooked with raisins inside.

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In his caption, he said: “Alright… which breakfast are you choosing… Option 1: Eggs with bacon and oatmeal Option 2: Egg sandwich with bacon and avocado. My answer…. Both LOL!”

His followers came up with many answers, highlighting the merits of both, while others shared their distaste for some of the ingredients that Michael had used for his cooking.

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Many agreed with Michael’s choice of both sandwiches, but some shockingly claimed that they wouldn’t want to have either one.

Meanwhile, his Good Morning America co-star Ginger Zee got into the debate as she teasingly commented: “Is that in raisin toast too? Strong choice chef stray.”

Fans couldn’t decide which sandwich they wanted

As well as giving an insight into his diet, the TV host’s post also gave a small glimpse inside his Manhattan townhouse and his marble kitchen.

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Everything looked pristine in the photo, with not even a runaway crumb spoiling the shot, and his plate rested next to a gas cooker.

The host sometimes shows glimpses inside his home

Michael has shown various glimpses inside his property since moving in and last year thrilled fans with a fun TikTok video shot in his living room.

The spacious area has a grey and white color theme, complete with white walls, grey sofas, a grey rug and grand furnishings, along with a large piece of artwork framed on the wall.

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