Martha Stewart's Creamy Lemon Chicken Is the One-Pan, 35-Minute Dinner of Our Dreams

We’ve all had those days where we’re less than willing to prepare dinner but alas it must be done anyway. In these moments, we’re looking for the fastest way to prepare a dish, and the fewer pans or pots it requires, the better. That’s why when we saw that Martha Stewart had shared a simple recipe that is beginner-friendly and looks as delicious as you’d expect from the chef, our hearts skipped a beat. Ahead, check out Stewart’s Creamy Lemon Chicken recipe that’s the indulgent meal you’ve been looking for.

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“A delicious twist on spinach and artichoke dip, this one-pan creamy lemon chicken is on the table in 35 minutes!” Stewart wrote on Instagram. She added, “Sauteed chicken cutlets cook fast, and cream cheese provides a little richness with less fat than heavy cream. “

Stewart is always putting an exciting new spin on classic recipes, and we love that this creamy chicken is reminiscent of spinach and artichoke dip — with a healthy twist, too! There’s so much to love about this dish but we’ll admit that the cooking time of only 35 minutes caught our eye immediately. We know that this will quickly become our go-to dish on busy weekdays (or any day for that matter). Plus, the fact that it only requires one-pan makes cleaning up so much easier on our end, and that’s always a bonus.

To make Stewart’s dish you’ll need: unbleached all-purpose flour, low-sodium chicken broth, baby spinach, and artichoke hearts — just to name a few ingredients. The chef also notes that you can serve your chicken with steamed rice but that’s of course an optional addition.

Get Martha Stewart’s Creamy Lemon Chicken recipe.

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