Martha Stewart Uses This $13 Store-Bought Ingredient to Make Her Summer Peach Pie Totally Hassle-Free

Pot pies might just be one of, if not the ultimate comfort food. Described by many as “comfort in a crust,” the creamy, savory dish is known for combining juicy chicken breast with an assortment of veggies, from carrots to potatoes, for the perfect, soul-warming bite. But not all pot pies are served for lunch or dinner; dessert pot pies are just as delicious. And Martha Stewart‘s summer peach pie is not only super-delicious, but Stewart also embraces one store-bought ingredient to make the dessert totally hassle-free.

On Aug 10, Stewart shared a delectable, hassle-free dessert to her Instagram page with the caption, “Capture that fleeting moment when peaches are flavor-rich and flawless with a pie that won’t keep you in the kitchen. Bake them into a vanilla-bourbon nectar, top it off with a flaky round of pastry, and serve warm without breaking a sweat. Get the recipe at the link in our bio. 📷: @sidneybensimon.”

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To make Stewart’s Easy Peach Potpie, you’ll need about five ripe peaches, bourbon and vanilla ice cream, as well as brown sugar, flour, cornstarch, coarse sanding sugar, pure vanilla extract and egg. But the ingredient that truly sets this fruity pot pie apart? Store-bought puff pastry — more specifically, Dufour’s Classic Puff Pastry.

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