Man shares time-saving bag-free laundry basket grocery shop hack

A man has shared his simple hack for speeding up his food shop at Aldi.

Rather than spending time bagging up his groceries in environmentally unfriendly plastic bags or racing against the till to try and get everything in bags for life as soon as possible, he uses laundry baskets.

The man, who posts on TikTok under the username 1980sgamer, shared a clip of his shopping trolley going through the store and check out to show us how it’s done.

In it, he says: ‘Just get all of your food like usual, then begin the checkout process by throwing all your food on the belt and then pay for your items.

‘You see all these people wasting time bagging their groceries? Yeah, skip that.

‘Just head to your vehicle with all your groceries loose in your cart like this.’

This is my absolute favorite grocery hack. It will save you time, money, and is better for the environment. #aldihack #aldis #groceries #foodshopping

At this point in the clip, we can see his cart full of food, and not a bag in sight.

When he pulls the trolley up to the boot of his car and opens it, we see two good-sized laundry baskets with handles on either side.

If you don’t have laundry baskets like his, any similarly sized and easily movable container you’ve got lying around the house will do.

In the video, the man then explains: ‘Just start throwing your food into those laundry baskets, just keep throwing it in there until you fill it up to the top.’

When they’re full, all you need to do from there is drive home and bring the baskets full of groceries into your home, thus saving time both at the store and unloading your shopping at home.

Some commenters on his post are pretty impressed, with one person writing: ‘Oh! This is perfect!’

Another wrote: ‘A cooler in summer is perfect for them cold items too.’ [sic]

However, not everyone was feeling it, with one person commenting: ‘Saves zero time… I bag as the checkout person is ringing everything in an we finish at the same time.’ [sic]

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