Japan hit by 'sushi terrorism' as gross restaurant pranks go viral

A spate of unhygienic pranksters have been hitting sushi conveyor belt restaurants in Japan.

People have been filming themselves doing things like contaminating various items with saliva and spreading wasabi on food as it passes on the belt.

These pranks are being dubbed ‘sushi terrorism’ by the furious and grossed-out public.

The country is famed for it’s culinary offerings but the pranks are forcing restaurant goers to stay home.

One viral video showed a young person licking the top of a soy sauce bottle and the rim of a small cup before putting both back onto a table for unsuspecting customers to use later.

This culprit also rubbed a passing piece of sushi with a saliva-covered finger. Are we not still in a pandemic, people?

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This video was filmed at a Sushiro branch in Gifu, Japan, and on Tuesday, after it was shared, stocks in the restaurant’s parent company dropped by nearly 5%, and a clip has been shared of a completely empty branch of the usually bustling eatery.

Customers have been tweeting their support for the company with the hashtag #saveSushiro, and Sushiro president Kohei Nii said via the social media platform that he was ‘so grateful I could cry.’

The company also said all the soy sauce bottles at the Sushiro branch have been replaced, all the cups have been cleaned, and they’ve announced new policies for their restaurants.

Tokyo’s Kyodo News reported today that Sushiro will be temporarily limiting the use of conveyor belts to specifically ordered food, rather than letting ready-made food run on it.

And if customers feel worried that cups or condiments on their table have been tampered with, staff will give them fresh ones on request.

The business has filed an official police complaint, and said in a statement: ‘As a company, we will continue to respond firmly with both criminal and civil cases.’

Jiji press agency has reported that two other chains that have been pranked, Hama-sushi and Kura Sushi, are planning on instigating legal action too.

Kura Sushi is also going to install cameras above their conveyor belts.

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