James Martin shares crucial tip to get the fluffiest ever American pancakes

James Martin reveals best method for fluffy American pancakes

Earlier this morning, James Martin gave audiences essential cooking tips on his weekly ITV show, James Martin’s Saturday Morning. For the first time ever, viewers of the show could call in and ask questions in person, instead of writing in.

Ella, from Weybridge in Surrey, was the first to call in.

Her question was an important one for breakfast and brunch lovers: How to get the fluffiest ever American pancakes?

James emphasised that to do this, you need to cook the pancake in a different way to how you would a traditional French crepe.

But first, he went over his ingredients.

On James’ kitchen worktop, the ingredients were: plain flour, melted butter, sugar, baking powder, eggs, and buttermilk.

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The most important part of the cooking process to remember, said James, is to “not leave the pancake batter to rest”.

This is crucial as you are not making French crepes, but American pancakes.

The minute you add baking powder to the mixture the batter will start to rise, making the pancakes fluffy and not flat like crepes.

After mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl to create the batter, heat some butter in a pan.

James recommends using a non-stick frying pan for this.

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He also said that investing in a palette knife is a good idea to use later for flipping the pancakes and stacking them.

When the butter has melted in the pan, put the batter in it carefully.

James makes perfect round shapes with the batter, but you can buy rings to put in the pan, making it easier for the pancakes to be circular.

The TV chef allows the pancakes to gently cook in the pan, not taking his eyes off them to ensure they don’t burn.

When the sides of the circles start to look cooked, he flips the pancakes over to cook the other side of them.

This is where the palette knife comes in handy.

James then uses the palette knife to slide the pancakes onto a plate in a big stack.

They look delicious and very fluffy – the kind you would see characters in an American TV show eat for breakfast.

James adds maple syrup to the stack in “true American fashion”.

“This is what I had for breakfast when I went to Florida,” he said.

James added: “When I was little my mum said to not eat anything bigger than my head for breakfast, but it’s the complete opposite in America.” 

Pancakes are a good staple to make as they can also be frozen.

“Layer them in greaseproof paper before putting them in the freezer,” James said.

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