How to get rid of unwanted guests who've overstayed their welcome

In Germany, they have a phrase: ‘Ich fühle mich jetzt genug besucht.’

It means ‘I am feeling visited enough’, and apparently people can say it as a way to overtly indicate they want you to leave their home.

The phrase has proven to be a big hit around the world after it was shared online, and we’re not surprised.

We’ve all been there, when a guest has been lovely to have around, but it’s time to wrap up and they don’t take the hint.

Us Brits have never been good in any situations that could lead to awkwardness.

But in some other cultures, there’s more acceptance around personal time and boundaries linked to socialising.

Though not common practice now, in Japan, a soup used to be served to signify the end of the night.

So how can we get better at it – without needing to make much effort?

William Hanson, etiquette expert and founder of The English Manner, says subtly doesn’t always work – though it’s the best place to start.

‘My tactic is to turn the conversation to the next day, “What’s your day like tomorrow” or – a more pointed – “Have you got a very busy day tomorrow?”,’ he says.

‘Get their mind on the day ahead and hope they begin to realise the time. 

‘But, if they are friends and you really do need to get rid of them, don’t be afraid about standing up and saying, “I love you all dearly and would love for you to stay more but I have a very early start tomorrow.” 

‘Sometimes honesty is the best and most effective policy.’

And if you’re worried that maybe you are the one overstaying your welcome, you’ve got to look out for ‘clues’.

‘The other key factor to be aware of is whether food and drink is still being served,’ William adds.

‘If a host has sat down, looks relaxed and isn’t too concerned about offering top-ups, additional coffee or tea and the like, then it’s probably a safe bet that the party’s over.’

Ta-ra for now.

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