Halloween food ideas including the best spooktacular treats and recipes

Supermarkets including Tesco, M&S, and Sainsbury’s have unveiled a host of brand new products for the autumn season.

The retailers joined the likes of Cadbury and Oreo in launching sweet and savoury treats ranging from cakes to spooky party snacks.

With Halloween just days away, the products have landed in stores already with some also available online.

And for those looking to get creative at home, there are plenty of easy recipes that can be made in a hurry.

Express.co.uk has rounded up the most spooktacular ingredients on shop shelves that Britons can get their hands on.


  • Sainsbury’s launches scary-good range of gummy Halloween sweets10:54
  • Cadbury and Oreo launch seasonal selection for Halloween10:19
  • Exclusive Halloween Colin the Caterpillar returns to M&S09:49
  • Tesco launches a range of seasonal sweet treats09:10
  • Make pumpkin cake for Halloween with ‘easy’ recipe

    Bakers can enjoy the perfect Halloween cake by following a simple recipe from the Good Food team.

    The recipe is considered an “easy” bake meaning anyone can get involved at home in the run-up to the big day.

    The sponge cake can be thrown together in just 20 minutes and will make 12 generous portions.

    It could even be an ideal option for a Halloween party this weekend or to dish out to trick-or treaters on Tuesday.

    How to make ‘spooky’ Halloween cookies in under an hour

    Get into the Halloween spirit in style by making these “spooky” cookies in under one hour. 

    The recipe claims the cookies will be a “big hit” making these ideal for a Halloween party or as a special trick-or-treat surprise. 

    The recipe is expected to make around 20 cookies but this can be scaled up with extra ingredients.

    The recipe said: “Get the kids excited for Halloween with these spooky bat and spider cookies.

    “Completely with squashed flies made from chocolate chips, they’ll be a big hit.”

    Budget supermarket Aldi unveils Halloween line up of sweets and chocolate

    Aldi has a range of treats on offer in stores this Halloween including a unique piñata.

    The new Chocolate Pumpkin Smash Piñata (£4.99, 300g) is made of decadent chocolate, complete with a mini wooden hammer, to reveal the eerie sweet treats hidden within.

    Other chocolate treats include:

    Popcorn Slab (£2.49, 100g) – comes in both white and milk chocolate varieties, dotted with creamy chocolate skulls or chewy gummy brains

    Marshmallow Lollies in Frankenstein, Skull and Pumpkin varieties ((99p 45g)

    Chocolate Lollies (99p, 35g)

    Chocolate Popping Candy Brains (85p, 70g)

    Marshmallow Bag (£1.49, 150g)

    Monster Mallows (£1.99, 88g)

    Chocolate Orange Pumpkin or Raspberry White Chocolate Eyeball Macarons (£2.99, 103g/105g)

    Dessert Menu Halloween Cheesecake (£3.49, 450g)

    Frankenstein and Pumpkin Melting Figures (£1.99, 65g)

    Morrisons announces return of tasty Halloween favourites

    Morrisons has confirmed the return of familiar favourites as well as tasty new treats just in time for Halloween.

    Prices start at just 99p with everything from hot savoury snacks to sweet nibbles on offer.

    The spookiest items include:

    Heaven and Hell Sausages (Pack of 6 – £3.25 each, or 2 for £5.00)

    Spicy Fright Meat Feast Pizza (£3.50 each, or 2 for £5.00)

    Nightmare on Market Street Cheese (£1.35 per 100g)

    Design Your Own Pumpkin Biscuits (Pack of 4 – £1.99)

    Ghost Crumpets (Pack of 6 – £1.25)

    Pumpkin Flooded Cupcakes – (Pack of 2 – £1.45)

    Marks and Spencer’s seasonal confectionery range

    Percy Pig Petrifying Party – £1.90, 150g

    Colin the Caterpillar Super Sour – £1.90, 170g

    Menacing Malloweenies – £2.25, 120g

    Hallow-Scream Munch Mix – £3.50, 300g

    Freaky Frankenstein Faces – £2.00, 125g

    White Chocolate Yummy Mummies – £2.50, 135g

    Zombie Eyeballs – £2.50, 135g

    Fruity Creepy Carnival jelly sweets – £2.50, 300g

    Sour Spiders fruit jellies – £1.25, 110g

    Sainsbury’s launches scary-good range of gummy Halloween sweets

    Halloween Ghosts & Pumpkins Marshmallows – £1.50

    Sour Worms – £1.25

    Sour Spiders – £1.25

    Bloody Vampire Marshmallows – £1.50

    Spooky Spiders Webs – £1

    Ghoulish Gingerbread Shapes – £2.25

    Sour Scream & Chive Pretzels – £1.50

    Haunted House Hunt – £5.50

    Chocolate Popping Candy Eyeballs – £1.25

    Sainsbury’s Free From Spooky Choc Pumpkins – £2.75

    The best spooky supermarket sweets for trick or treating

    Tesco, Sainsbury’s and M&S have a range of sweets on offer this week to get Britons stocked up for trick or treating.

    The supermarket ranges include a mixture of major brands at a reduced price and some exclusive treats with a twist, such as “petrifying” Percy Pigs and “super sour” Colin the Caterpillars sold in M&S.

    Sour spiders, worms and even savoury pretzels are also available in Sainsbury’s stores among other seasonal items.

    Wash the Halloween treats down with a homemade spiced latte

    Autumn marks the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte which is also known as the PSL. However, the iconic drink isn’t the healthiest beverage and should be enjoyed in moderation.

    Qualified nutritionist and health expert Kristen Stavridis has shared how people can make their own “healthier” version of the warm drink at home.

    She said: “I make a PSL at home myself. I just use unsweetened almond or oat milk. I actually bought pumpkin spice on Amazon or you can make it yourself if you look it up online. I then use something like Stevia or a little bit of honey, which helps to sweeten the coffee.

    “I’ll mix that with some decaf coffee and a non-dairy cream. It’s absolutely delicious, free compared to the shop prices and saves time.”

    Make creamy pumpkin pasta in under an hour with autumnal recipe

    Those looking for a Halloween-themed dinner can try their hand at BBC Good Food’s creamy pumpkin pasta recipe.

    The “easy” pasta recipe – as described by BBC Good Food – takes just 15 minutes to prepare and 35 minutes to cook, so you won’t be holed up in the kitchen all evening.


    Two tablespoons of olive oil

    One onion, finely chopped

    Two garlic cloves, crushed

    500g pumpkin or squash, peeled and cut into roughly 3cm cubes

    50-100ml whole milk

    Two tablespoons tomato purée

    Two tablespoons mascarpone

    350g short pasta (rigatoni or penne work well)

    40g grated parmesan or vegetarian alternative, plus extra to serve

    Cadbury and Oreo launch seasonal selection for Halloween

    The original Oreo has had a spooky makeover. Filled with orange-coloured vanilla cream and a spiderweb design etched on top, the spooky cookies are available in Sainsbury’s for just £1.

    Cadbury Fingers have also been morphed into an eerie treat to make tasty skeleton snacks. The original crunchy biscuits are coated in a velvety smooth layer of white chocolate giving them skeleton-like qualities.

    Available at Cadbury Gifts Direct for £1.85, Sainsbury’s for £1.75, or Co-op for £1.25.

    Chef Jon Watts shares spooky krispie cakes recipe

    These no-bake krispie treats are perfect for a last-minute Halloween creation.

    According to professional chef John Watts, they are so good they will “take you back to your childhood.”


    For the crispy cake

    140g of rice snaps

    100g of butter (for extra for greasing)

    100g of mini marshmallows

    100g of chocolate

    For the topping

    220g of milk chocolate

    85g of white chocolate

    One tablespoon of orange food colouring

    Halloween decorations of your choice (optional)

    Exclusive Halloween Colin the Caterpillar returns to M&S

    The “Yummy Mummy Colin the Caterpillar” has returned for another round of Halloween celebrations this year in M&S stores.

    Made with 190 percent more chocolate than the original Colin recipe, the festive cake comprises extremely chocolatey sponge and the signature chocolate buttercream filling.

    For an extra touch of sweetness, the cake is then coated in a layer of Colin’s classic milk chocolate followed by a layer of creamy white chocolate.

    The full sized cake serves 12 and is available for £12 in stores, or in a pack of five minis for just £3.25.

    Affordable Halloween treats in Marks and Spencer’s stores now

    It’s not just sweet treats on offer this Halloween.

    M&S is offering a range of affordable deals on savoury snacks including a full three for £12 “Squeal Deal” on finger foods.

    The range includes the following savoury snacks:

    Wriggling Worms

    Meaty Mummies

    Pork & Maple Bonfire Bangers

    Spooky Sliders

    Box O’ Bats

    Spooky Stuffed Tomato Chicken Bites

    Blackened BBQ Chicken Wings

    Franken Fishes

    Hell-oumi Fingers

    Bubbling Cauldron Cheese Bake

    Halloweño Poppers

    Boo Bao Buns

    Pumpkin Bao Buns

    Ghouliflower Popcorn

    Eye Want Pizza

    Devilishly Delicious Dough Sticks

    Tesco launches a range of seasonal sweet treats

    Shoppers can prepare for Halloween celebrations with an array of seasonal foods on offer from as little as £1.00 at Tesco.

    Cakes, doughnuts, and biscuits are among the new additions to supermarket shelves, though some are returning fan favourites.

    The collection includes:

    Seasonal Gingerbread Biscuits – £1.00

    Haunted House DYO Kit – £6.00

    Halloween Cupcakes (9pk) – £5.00

    Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes (2pk) – £1.50

    Halloween Ring Doughnuts (4pk) – £1.25, (12pk) – £3.25

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