Guinness lover builds an Irish pub in his back garden

A Guinness lover will be spending St Patrick’s Day knocking back pints of his favourite drink in the Irish pub he built in his own back garden.

Geert Rooijakkers, 53, has spent more than £7,000 building and decorating his backyard boozer with Irish themed memorabilia.

The Wrinkled Prince – named after Geert’s beloved Shar Pei dog – is now a shrine to the Emerald Isle and it’s most famous drink.

Geert, who lives in the Netherlands, says he and his twin brother – who also has an Irish pub in his garden – will celebrate St Paddy’s day together, at The Wrinkled Prince

Geert said: ‘We take it in turns hosting each other in our Irish caves.

‘This year it’s my turn. We’ll be drinking Guinness with some nice food.

‘I have hundred of items. Many original, some self-made. Some are old and rare, but some are almost new.

‘I don’t know what I’ve spent in total, probably more than Euro 8,500 with the build and decorations.

‘It’s all about the love for the black gold and the taste of Ireland.’

Geert spent €3,500 (£3,058) for the pub extension on his house three years ago.

He’s also forked out €5,000 (£4,369) to kit it out with Guinness and Irish paraphernalia.

Geert, an ad salesman, says began collecting the memorabilia three years ago and has more than 55 hand-painted signs in his snug pub.

Among his most cherished items is a rare, 1970s orange Draught Guinness pump, which sits on his bar.

He added: ‘I love Ireland. I’ve visited Ireland many times with my brother.

‘I’ve been collecting Irish merchandise for three years now, so not that long really.

‘It’s very, very difficult to get over here in the Netherlands and you must be lucky to get some nice merchandise for an affordable price over here.’

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