Giada De Laurentiis Super Cheesy 4-Ingredient Stromboli Is the Perfect Party Appetizer

Cheese boards are great and all, but everyone loves a hot, comforting appetizer to snack on before the main course. And Giada De Laurentiis has the perfect recipe to warm everyone’s bellies before dinner (or to eat as dinner, itself!). It’s a simple, flavorful, four-ingredient Venetian rolled pizza (a.k.a. stromboli) that comes together in a snap.

“I’m making one of my favorite spins on pizza,” De Laurentiis said in a recent Instagram video. “This is called a Venetian pizza. [I’m] rolling out a store-bought pizza dough — you can make your own pizza dough, but this makes it a lot easier.”

She then begins layering on the filling. First comes shredded mozzarella. “And now, for the prosciutto,” De Laurentiis said. “We’re just going to kind of lay the prosciutto down.”

Then, about a cup of spinach is added on top of the prosciutto, and the whole thing is crowned with another helping of mozzarella.

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The pizza dough is then folded over the filling and everything inside is wrapped up like a little burrito. After that, De Laurentiis drizzles olive oil and sprinkles salt over the stromboli, which has since been transferred to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Finally, it’s time to bake.

“She’s a beauty! She’s a beauty!” De Laurentiis said when she pulled her stromboli out of the oven.

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