From loose change to broken biscuits – top 10 worst Halloween ‘treats’

Kids call on grown-ups to give out better Halloween treats

Hard toffees, broken biscuits, and old mints are the top offending treats handed out on Halloween – according to kids. A poll of 500 children, aged seven to 12, found stale crisps, rice cakes, and even cough sweets are also among the worst items they’ve been gifted during their trick-or-treating ventures.

However, additional research of 2,000 adults found 48 percent claim their treat game is strong – despite nearly a quarter (23 percent) admitting to handing out snacks that don’t match the spirit of the season.

The study, commissioned by HARIBO, also showed almost one in ten adults (nine percent) said they have had their treats rejected on the doorstep, because they were judged as not up to scratch by trick-or-treaters.

This may be why more than half (56 percent) pretend not to be home when treat supplies are low or empty, and there’s a knock at the door.

Furthermore, children wearing classic horror costumes, such as witches (14 percent), zombies (12 percent), and vampires (11 percent), are deemed more worthy of the best treats.

But Batman (three percent), Disney princesses (two percent), and those dressed as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (one percent), fell short in producing a return for their costume efforts.

However, with one in five (19 percent) believing that kids put a huge amount of effort into their costumes, it’s no surprise that 44 percent feel that grown-ups should do better to acknowledge all their hard work.

The poll of youngsters found 61 percent said Halloween is their favourite time of year, with 40 percent saying receiving treats was the best part of the October-based celebration.

And now, to mark spooky season, HARIBO is launching Halloween Monster Approved – a definitive list of sweets created by kids, for kids, to help adults avoid disappointment on doorsteps, and defined by its own badge of approval.

Spokesman Phil Murphy said: “Every year at Halloween, kids, not to mention their parents, go to huge efforts in making their costumes look great. But adults and kids have different ideas on what the ultimate Halloween treat is.

“To help make Halloween a little happier, we’re launching the definitive list of Halloween Monster Approved treats, to avoid disappointment and panic at the door – because little monsters deserve HARIBO.”

Alongside revealing the worst treats, the study of 7-12-year-olds also found the top treats to receive on Halloween – with fizzy or chewy sweets, and Gummy Bears, among the most popular.

Cola bottles and marshmallows are also considered among the best, according to the findings by OnePoll.

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