Foods you should never keep in the fridge including tomatoes

Lynsey Queen Of Clean shares tips for cleaning a fridge

Organising the weekly shop properly and placing food in the correct kitchen locations is essential when keeping food fresh.

The experts at Beko have weighed in on the situation and have shared a guide, including where to keep tomato ketchup, butter and tomatoes.

The pros explained that tomato ketchup is best in the fridge as well as butter to maintain freshness.

They said: “While ketchup doesn’t necessarily require refrigeration, storing it chilled significantly extends its shelf life”

If Britons use up a bottle of ketchup quite slowly, make sure to keep it in the fridge to maintain its quality.

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Other condiments which need to be kept in the fridge including horseradish and mustard can spoil when left on the countertop or in cupboards.

Similarly, keeping butter at room temperature will make it easily spreadable, but will need to be consumed within two weeks.

If not used frequently, the experts recommended storing butter in the fridge to maintain its freshness but it could taste more flavoursome at room temperature.

They added: “When it comes to tomatoes, storing them at room temperature can help to bring out the optimal flavour, whether ripe or unripe.

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“Keeping them in the fridge can affect both their taste and texture.” If Britons are worried about them going off, keep them in an airtight container.

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, many will taste better when left at room temperature, although this may cause them to spoil quicker, especially in the summer.

If you do want to bring out the best flavour in your fruit, leave them to warm up slightly on the countertop before consuming.

The experts at Beko recommended keeping basil and onions out of the fridge, despite many keeping both food items in the fridge.

Make sure to keep onions away from potatoes as they can cause each other to become mouldy quite quickly.

They said: “Store basil at room temperature. To prevent the browning of the leaves, submerge the stems in water while keeping them at room temperature.

“Moisture from the fridge can cause onions to become mouldy. Store onions in a cool and dry place to keep them fresh, separate from potatoes.”

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