Egg storage solution adds a ‘protective layer’ for a two-month shelf life

Eggs are arguably one of the most versatile pantry ingredients but some claim that they shouldn’t be kept in a cupboard at all.

Like many perishable foods, eggs can stay fresh for a little longer in the fridge thanks to the cool temperature.

But it’s not the only way to extend the shelf life of this fragile, shell-cased product.

In fact, the longevity of whole eggs depends largely on the casing they are kept in as much as the conditions of the surrounding environment.

According to experts at Grubbly Farms, cling film is just one item that can be used to prolong the freshness of raw whites and yolks.

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They said: “Fresh eggs that are stored in a carton and kept on the coolest shelf in the fridge will last up to five weeks.

“They can last longer if the humidity is high to prevent too much evaporation. But one way to make refrigerated eggs last even longer is to wrap each egg in plastic wrap.

“This adds another protective layer against the eggshell to prevent moisture from evaporating. Plastic-wrapped eggs stored in the fridge will last for up to two months.”

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The film keeps food fresh by protecting it from the air and prevents dry food from absorbing it.

Of course, wrapping individual eggs in cling film is not an easy task, so it should be done very carefully to prevent the shell from cracking.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to lay out one sheet of cling film and gently fold each edge towards the centre.

Place each one back in the egg carton and store in the fridge for safe keeping.

The Grubbly Farms team claimed: “While fresh, whole eggs have quite a shelf life when stored in the fridge, once the egg’s contents are out of the shell their shelf-life rapidly declines.

“Leftover egg whites can be stored in an airtight container for up to four days while leftover egg yolks can be stored in cold water in an airtight container for up to two days.”

Alternatively, whole eggs can be scrambled in a small bowl, poured into an ice cube tray, and covered in cling film ready for freezing.

Here they will keep for up to one year, though it is recommended to consume them within four months for freshness.

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