Costco's Bakery Has This Fan-Favorite Breakfast Treat Back in Stock

While Costco is typically known for its amazing sales and bulk sizes, there are so many other reasons why the warehouse giant is our go-to for all things groceries. One area of the store we’ll never get enough of? The bakery section. TBH it’s basically like a sweet wonderland that features muffins, cookies, and a lot more. And recently, Costco just restocked a decadent bakery item that we’re obsessed with: cinnamon pull-a-part rolls. It’s a fan-favorite treat and if you have yet to try it for yourself trust us when we say it is every bit as chewy, rich, and delicious as you’d hope.

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“Costco’s heavenly Cinnamon Pull-A-Part is back at the bakery and I’m ALL about it!! 🤤,” wrote @costcobuys. They added, “These are made with sweet dough, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a cream cheese icing! If you haven’t tried this yet you HAVE TO!”

Costco fans are raving about the rolls in the comments. One user simply wrote, “Must have 🙌,” while another commenter said, “These should be illegal they are so good!”

They sound like bliss, and we can’t wait to get our hands on these. Of course, homemade cinnamon rolls are amazing, but they’re also labor- and time-intensive to make, and Costco’s easy, bakery-made alternative gives us the family-friendly, decadent breakfast or brunch item without all of the work. And at an unbeatable price of $6.99, you really can’t go wrong by popping one or two of these in your cart on your next trip.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

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