Chef shares easy method to boil ‘absolutely perfect eggs’ every time

Phil Vickery shares his tips for boiling eggs

Depending on which chef you ask, the method of boiling an egg varies greatly.

Jamie Oliver drops his eggs into boiling water for five minutes. Nigella Lawson starts with cold water, which she brings to boil for a minute, then turns the heat off. She also adds a matchstick in the water to prevent any white escaping if the shell is cracked.

Gordon Ramsay on the other hand, says you should “boil eggs gently” then place them into a bowl of cold water to stop them from overcooking.

As for how long you should boil an egg to ensure it’s cooked perfectly, timings range from three to 10 minutes.

The rule of thumb, however, is three minutes for a really soft-boiled yolk and set white, four minutes for a slightly set yolk and set white, and five minutes for a medium-cooked firmer yolk and white. Anything beyond that is hard-boiled.

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Phil Vickery has his own method of boiling an egg, and shared it with This Morning viewers earlier this week.

He said: “I make a small dent or crack into the flat side of the egg – which is where the air sack is  and that’s where it normally expands and breaks.”

On the stove, Phil had a pan with “simmering water” and placed one egg into the water for “four minutes”.

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He added: I then take it out and let it set for a couple of seconds. If you’re going to make your toast afterwards, your egg will carry on cooking.”

To avoid eggs overcooking, place them in a bowl of cold water until you’re ready to eat them.

If boiling eggs in a pan of water doesn’t produce perfect results for you, Phil suggested using an egg cooker.

He admitted: “It’s the best bit of cooking equipment I’ve ever bought in my life! They’re brilliant.

“You put the eggs into the slots like so, then add the water into the measuring container – the amount varies on how well you want the egg to be cooked.

“Lid on, and it turns itself off when the eggs are cooked – every time the eggs are absolutely perfect. It works!”

When it comes to serving soft-boiled eggs, Phil recommends toast with lashings of Marmite that can be dipped into the runny yolk.

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