Boy discovers hidden image in Toblerone logo that shocks chocolate fans

How many Toblerone bars have you snaffled in your lifetime?

From an airport duty free souvenir to a staple stocking filler, the prism-shaped treat is a favourite for gifting.

But even the most ardent of Toblerone fans are being left flummoxed by a child’s ‘discovery’, suggesting we may be ripping into the packaging a little too enthusiastically each Christmas.

Stephanie, the mother of a 10-year-old boy, tweeted about a comment her son made upon receiving his first ever bar.

‘My son had his first Toblerone today,’ she wrote, adding that he asked her, ‘What’s the bear for?’

‘What bear?’ replied Stephanie, before noting: ‘I was today years old when I found out there’s a bear on the Toblerone logo.’

The outline of a bear can be spotted within the Swiss brand’s mountain logo, but it’s apparently easily missed.

One man replied to Stephanie’s tweet saying: ’71 years old, 50 Christmas’ of Toblerone and after a search of the package, I finally found the Bear! Your son is brilliant!’

‘Wow,’ wrote another. ‘Hidden in full view for 60+ years to me.’

The sweet, which features crunchy and chewy pieces of almond and honey nougat, is produced in the town of Bern, Switzerland, which is known as the ‘city of bears’.

As the Alpine region is characterised by its own species of bear alongside its rugged landscape, it makes sense that both would feature on the iconic chocolate’s logo.

What doesn’t make sense, though, is how many people had never clocked the emblem’s double meaning.

One commenter may offer a clue, though.

‘In my defense,’ they wrote, ‘the wrapper is the last thing I’m thinking about when I get one.’

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