You've been washing your tea cups all wrong – how to get them spotless in seconds

THERE are few things more annoying than getting a tea cup out of a clean dishwasher and finding it still dirty and stained.

But Facebook users are going crazy for a £1.95 way to safely and quickly remove those dried-on stains.

One frustrated woman took to the Cleaning Tips and Tricks group on Facebook to ask: "What’s the best way to clean stained mugs?"

Within minutes, numerous cleaning fans had responded, with some suggesting soaking them in bleach, while others argued that bleach is not the safest stain-removing method.

But the most overwhelmingly recommended product was Milton Sterilising Fluid – which costs from just £1.95.

"Milton and fill with cold water for an hour or more and rinse well after," one person recommended.

While another added: "Leave it steep for a while in water and milton. Then scrubber sponge and wash out."

"Milton its amazing how many cleaning uses it has! Hot water and half a cap of Milton be clear In 1 hour xx" another person wrote.

As well as being a go-to product for mums, to sterilise baby bottles, dummies and tableware, Milton is much loved by millions of people worldwide as a cleaning method for items including loofahs, toilet brushes and even menstrual cups.

TikTok user Householdlove shared a video of how she looks after her menstrual cup, explaining that she "likes to pop it in with a capful of Milton and cold water for 15 minutes to sanitise".

She then follows that up by soaking it in boiling water for three minutes, before letting it air dry to ensure it's clean and sanitised ready for the following month.

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