You’ve been tucking your T-shirt in all wrong – the right way makes things look way less bulky | The Sun

A TUCKED in T-shirt is a style staple.

But if you're not careful, it can end up looking bulky, and ruin your outfit.

However, one fashion fan has taken to Instagram to reveal a life-changing tuck hack.

"Stop doing this," Natalia wrote on her Instagram Reel, as she demonstrated how not to tuck a top in.

"Try this instead."

She then pulled each side of the T-shirt through the loops in her jeans, before tucking the excess material into her trousers.

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The resulting look was smooth and flattering.

Taking to the comments section of the Instagram Reel, one person asked: "Why? The result looks the same and it's not even easier.'

To which Natalia wrote: "It takes a few seconds actually:neater, stays in place way better."

"Oh that’s a good tip," someone else added.

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"Amazing, i’m gonna have to try this!" another comment read.

"That looks neat….. I’ll have to try it," another praised.

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While someone else wrote: "I have problems, cause every time i see a video that says 'don't do this' or 'stop doing that' my first thought is 'wtf let me do what ever i want'

"And after i get over that emotion i go 'that is a brilliant idea'."

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