You've been making mulled wine all wrong – here's how to make the perfect recipe for this winters cheers

OH, Christmas – to sit down and rewatch Home Alone for the millionth time whilst snacking on endless bags of gingerbread and sipping on mulled wine…that somehow doesn't taste as good as you had hoped for.

This cosy drink seems like an easy task – just heat some red wine with a couple of spices, right?

Well, turns out, there's more to it, and these simple tips will make the perfect cheers this festive period.

According to Fiona Becket, from Matching Food & Wine, there are a couple of mistakes people make when making the boozy drink.

The first, she reveals, is sticking to only red wine – although it's a classic, try experimenting with white wine or cider.


From here, you can zhuzh up your spirit of choice by adding port, brandy, or sloe gin on top – a little extra booze never hurt nobody.

For spices, she recommends going with everything Christmas -cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, or maybe a little star anise.

It's tempting to go crazy – we know – but this will only ruin the flavour.

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Remember, when it comes to mulled wine, our goal is to enhance the flavour of the wine – not bury it.

The second biggest mistake people tend to make is boiling the wine.

''You need to infuse the wine long enough with the spices to take on their flavour but DON’T ON ANY ACCOUNT LET THE MIXTURE BOIL,'' she explains.

Overboiling the mixture will leave the drink with a bitter taste.

''Slow and low is the way to go.''

Follow these tips and your guests will be left with the perfect Christmas cheers.

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