You've been buying lipsticks wrong… the 50s' trick means you get the perfect shade for your pout every time | The Sun

STRUGGLING to find the perfect lippy? Well, there's a method that the beauty lovers in the '50s swore by – and it's all about your fingers.

Finding the ideal lipstick for your pout can be quite the challenge – and those into make-up back in the '50s struggled just as much as we do.

But although now we simply swatch it on our writs and pray for the best, turns out that a few decades ago people used a simple trick to snap up the ideal shade.

According to savvy TikTok users, women in 1950s would pinch the top of their finger until it changes colour – and whatever shade your fingertip becomes is apparently said to be the ideal pick for you.

In a short video shared on social media, one user, @underratedsimpsons, gave the rather unusual hack a go in a store.

As they were admiring the vast collection of lippies, ranging from bright red to more natural nudes, the person began to squeeze their middle finger.

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Once the fingertip had changed colour, they went over all the possible picks until they landed on one that was the closest match – a more mauve shade with a pink undertone.

''This was how women in the 1950s were taught to find their perfect shade of lipstick,'' the beauty lover added in the caption of the clip.

Luckily, this hack is also easier than removing your bra and checking our nipples in the store – yes, yet another hack that promises finding the best nude lipstick for you!

In 2017, experts on The Doctors claimed that the best natural lippy is the colour that matches to the tone of your areolas – and even beauty pros said this was, indeed, a ''fact''.

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Alexis Oakley, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Kris Jenner, Demi Lovato and other famous faces, previously told POPSUGAR: ''Generally, your natural lip shade is the same colour as your nipple.

''If you are using this method to search for a nude lipstick, it will give your the perfect nude lip for your skin tone.”


Speaking of all things beauty, one woman recently revealed she's had enough of trying to look classy and is now going back to her ''chav'' days.

Alicia Bell, 19,said that earlier this year she had dissolved her lip filler and decided to stop getting eyelash extensions in desperate a bid to look more glamorous.

However, as she came to realise just months later, the classy look wasn't for her and she's back to her old 'chav' ways.

“So I've had enough of trying to look classy. 

“I'm gonna go back to my chav roots.

“I just got my lashes done, and, yeah, to be honest, I wanna get more lip filler.

“I'm gonna just make myself look like March me. And I just think that's how I feel comfortable.

“I've just given up on this classy look. I'm not a classy woman, to be honest. I'm a chav.

“So I need to just get on with the look, get back with the look, and get my lips done.

“I also need to get my teeth done this year, because I feel really insecure about it.

“I want them to be, like, proper fake, you know? You know, that fake look.

“Like Joey Essex, so that my teeth really stand out when I look at people.” 

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