You have the eyes of a hawk if you spot an owl hiding in the tree in under 10 seconds in this wild optical illusion | The Sun

NATURE can provide the best hiding places, as this one owl found. 

A great horned owl was recently photographed near Denver, Colorado, but it may be difficult to spot. 

The camouflaged bird melts seamlessly into the background and bark of the tree in this optical illusion.

If you can spot the owl in this testing brain teaser in just a few seconds, you may have the eyes of a hawk. 

Many people might need a few minutes to spot the large bird with its iconic yellow eyes. 

At first glance, people might only see a large tree with thick bark, somewhere in a wooded area. 

There are a few branches towards the top of the frame, camouflaging more twigs and branches. 

The photo is made up of extremely neutral colors, making the bark and branches blend together across the page. 

If you find this puzzle to be a bit challenging, focus your attention to the center of the photograph, where there is a break in the bark. 

After looking hard, you will begin to notice the owl’s menacing stare and long ear tufts. 

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Only part of the owl is visible – making it more difficult to spot in the photo. 

If you are still struggling to find the owl, check the image below for a spoiler.

The stealthy owl is circled in red.

Puzzle-lovers can also test their brains and eye sight with other optical illusions like this hidden cuddly cat. 

Or, try to find these hidden snow leopards climbing the Himalayas.

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