You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the acorn among the leaves in less than 28 seconds | The Sun

CAN you spot the acorn hidden amongst the autumn leaves? If so, you have the eyes of a hawk.

This tricky brain teaser challenges you to hunt through the autumnal scene to find the single acorn in less than 28 seconds.

Without expert precision, it's difficult to scan the image and not get muddled by the various objects.

The scene depicts fallen leaves in various shapes and sizes in classic orange and brown tones to depict the colder months approaching.

To make the puzzle even harder, there are even tiny pine cones scattered around.

Creators of the puzzle, Betway, reckon you have the eyes of the hawk if you can spot the lonesome acorn in fewer than 28 seconds – which is the average time it takes.


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So get ready to try and find the acorn, and remember to keep focused and scan each section closely.

The tricky puzzle has no clear rows, so you might find it difficult to keep focused but don't give up.

Have you spotted the acorn yet?

If you need a clue, then keep reading.

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Keep your eyes peeled on left-hand side of the image and focus there.

If you still haven't found it scroll down to get the answer.

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