You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the scorpionfish camouflaged in the reef in under 20 seconds | The Sun

THIS 20/20 vision test is going to challenge your beady eyes like no other.

You have a very short 20 seconds to spot the scorpionfish camouflaged expertly in the coral reef.

Success means you are one of the few with near-perfect vision.

But this task might push those superior ocular skills of yours.

The reason why will become very clear when you start your search.

It is a scene from a coral reef and somewhere a scorpionfish is hiding in plain sight.

“Let’s play a game of spot that fish," said Salty Locs (@saltylocs).

This TikToker knows this quest is going to test the wits of gamers.

In the post, they said: “Unlucky prey of the scorpion fish never see what’s coming until it’s too late.

"Members of this family are experts at blending in with their surroundings, making them excellent ambush predators in their habits."

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They are, they concluded, "Masters of disguise.”

That much is very true and, with the clock ticking, there is little room for error.

The coral reef can play tricks on your eyes too, easily mistaking marks on a rock for a pair of eyes, for example.

If you have found the stealthy fish, well done.

But if success was beyond your reach, don't worry.

We have circled the furtive fish's position in the image below.

Better luck next time.

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