Woman shares easy and free anti-ageing face yoga trick to depuff the cheeks and stop skin from sagging | The Sun

WHEN it comes to ageing we're all looking for a little help to slow down the process.

And Trinh Georg has the perfect solution which she shared on social media, and the best part is it's totally free.

Trinh is an expert in facial yoga and has gone viral after showing off her results from the anti-ageing trick.

In one clip, the beauty pro showed the before and after results of exercising the facial muscles – particularly, the cheeks.

She shared a picture of her face before starting face yoga, her cheeks looked puffy and her cheekbones had little definition.

It also appeared that her jowls were hanging slightly lower – a common occurrence as we get older.


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But after practicing face yoga the structure of her face had totally transformed.

Now, her jowls had disappeared and her cheekbones looked much more defined and youthful.

Trinh then demonstrated the exercise to do at home for the same results.

She first opened her mouth into a smile and began to move her check muscles without closing the mouth to strengthen her cheeks and jowls.

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To create more definition in her cheekbones, she pushed her lips out to make a pouting face and then lifted her cheeks up and down.

The skincare pro then worked on opening her eyes to prevent saggy eyelids.

She formed her index finger and thumb into a circle and placed her index fingers above the eyelid, she began pushing them up to lift the eyebrows and blinking to work out the eyelid muscles.

One person had revealed they had seen great results from these particular exercises.

They wrote: "I do every day, but of all that I've learnt your cheek and eye exercises are the best in all the internet!"

"Thank you very much! I hope more and more people will exercise their faces, just like they do for the body, and experience the wonderful results from facial exercises," Trinh captioned the post.

The video posted to her TikTok account @trinhgeorg has since gone viral with over 30k views and 1,600 likes.

People were quick to thank her for sharing the yoga techniques.

One person wrote: "I’m trying it."

Another commented: "I agree. I don’t trust anyone about Face yoga except you. You explain very well and answer and understand everyone."


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"Thank you," penned a third.

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