Woman reveals trick to getting every last drop of skincare product out of the tube & it's a game changer | The Sun

IF you’ve ever been in the position where you are coming to the end of a skincare product in a tube and want to get every last drop out, there’s a new hack which has answered all of your prayers. 

 Rosalinda Panton, who is a personal stylist in Australia’s Perth, is the latest to try it out, as she demonstrated the handy trick on her TikTok account @stylebyrosalinda. 

The social media user, who has almost 2000 followers, said the hack had blown her mind, as she wrote: “Why did I not know this earlier???”

Rosalinda then showed how it can be done using a step-by-step method, explaining it had never been simpler “to get the last of your product out of the tube”. 

The clip then showed her taking a pair of nail scissors and making a small cut towards the end of the tube.

Then, she continued to unscrew the tube’s lid and insert it into the opening that she had just created.

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As the video captured, this then forces the remaining product in the container down when pressure is applied using something like a cotton bud.

In no time at all, Rosalinda had a generous amount of her product to use when she previously would have struggled to get it out.

The 54-year-old explained: “The lid scrapes down the sides of the tube and grabs all of the product.”

As she revealed her excitement at her discovery, the stylist later wrote in the comment section.

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She said: “I’m looking forward to using this hack with my skincare products.”

Meanwhile, after watching the hack in action, many of Rosalinda’s social media followers were quick to thank her for letting them in on the secret. 

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As many described it as “genius” and a brilliant idea, one wrote: “Wow!!!”

Elsewhere, others suggested it could also be used on many other products from toothpaste to hand cream. 

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