Woman busts her husband cheating when he takes another woman to Vegas… so goes to meet them off their flight

A SPURNED wife found out her husband was on holiday with his girlfriend, so decided to confront them both at the airport.

Tiffany Coats, from Chicago, shared her they story on TikTok of how she discovered that her ex-husband had been having an affair with another woman – and was on holiday with her in Las Vegas.

She said she found out he was cheating by calling the airline and asking whose names were on the tickets, and they handed them right over.

Tiffany began to do some digging around and eventually found the mistress’s husband on Facebook and explained the whole situation to him.

But that wasn’t enough for Tiffany – she wasn’t going to let her cheating husband get away with his infidelity that easily.

So Tiffany and the mistress’s husband drove to the airport and waited and baggage claim for their cheating partners.

She followed up with another TikTok revealing that the mistress’s husband and she were on the way back to their cars because their love-rat partners might have spotted them, especially since their luggage was now missing.

Tiffany said: “They have no choice but to face us.”

Did someone say caught red-handed?

She said: "This chic runs up starts fighting with him for giving me her stuff.

"This man takes her suitcase, opens it and starts throwing her panties/lingerie over the mf parking garage."

People flooded into the comment to laud Tiffany for her actions, praising her for her bold and audacious move.

Many of them pleaded to know what happened next, after joking that her foot tapping radiated tension.

One person commented: “I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s an awful feeling, but this is brilliant! Patiently waiting for part 2.”

Another said: “You did not lose your mind; you did the RIGHT THING TO DO absolutely brilliant.”

So as people waited for the aftermath of the video, Tiffany explained that their luggage had arrived at the baggage claim – so the scorned partners took it for themselves.

She commented on the video: “I swear I couldn’t make this up… everybody kept calling my phone telling me to leave cause I was on fire.”

Viewers praised Tiffany’s cunning plot yet again, eagerly anticipating what happened after the fallout.

One person said: “Ma’am I would be the devil in person if it would be my husband.”

Tiffany eventually revealed that her ex-husband reported her to TSA (Transport Security Administration) for stealing his luggage, and Tiffany has the perfect response.

She said: “I told him and TSA to kiss my ass, I ain’t bringing nothing back!”

So did the ex-husband and the mistress get what they deserve, or did they have a lucky escape?

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