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ANYONE who has ever calorie counted knows how hard it is to stick to your goal when going out for dinner. 

But a pair of nutritionists have revealed the swaps you can make at your favourite eateries to ensure you still get a yummy meal without going off track. 

Gurus at The Weight Loss Club assured you can enjoy Nando’s, McDonald’s and Starbucks and still have calories to spare.

At Nando’s, they advised ditching your Fino Pitta and chips for a grilled chicken burger and mash. 

While the former meal will cost 1265 calories, the healthy swap is only 714 calories. 

At McDonald’s, you can opt for a Mayo Chicken burger at just 285 calories a pop. 

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The fast food giant’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese is 507 calories, but you can swap it for a Cheeseburger from the Saver Menu at 298 calories.

Another Maccies smart swap is getting a mini McFlurry instead of a full-sized one.

Prefer the burgers at Five Guys? Have no fear.

Going for a Little Cheeseburger, which is also cheaper, will cost you 512 calories, compared to a full size one at 811 calories. 

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You can also save calories on a KFC burger meal if you go for a Zinger Burger with Pepsi Max at 695 calories – including chips. 

In comparison, a large Zinger Stacker meal is a whopping 1140 calories. 

Coffee isn’t immune to calories either and pumping it with your favourite syrups and cream could take you off your calorie counting track. 

Rather than getting a large Starbucks Iced Caramel Frappuccino at 404 calories, you can opt for a large Iced Caramel Macchiato with skimmed milk for 198 calories. 

In Costa, you can opt for a flat white with a cheese and ham toastie for 452 calories over a large latte and wiltshire ham and cheese toastie for 776 calories. 

The Weight Loss Club posts all of their smart swap recommendations on their Instagram page – which has 99k followers tuning in to their trusty advice.

“Healthier choices don’t always mean missing out, just be prepared and take a minute to glance over menus,” they said.

“Every small change makes a huge difference.”

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