We're the world's prettiest triplets – we still live together aged 27 and share everything except a bed | The Sun

GLAM triplets have told how they share absolutely everything – apart from a bed.

Hannah, Katherine and Nadia Capasso mirror each other and have matching lip fillers, facial fillers and nose jobs.

But despite criticism from some quarters, the 27-year-olds, from New York, reckon their unique lifestyle works wonders for their wardrobes.

They said: “We share all of our belongings. 

“That's 3x the wardrobe, makeup, computers and wellness items. 

“We have a group but also individual mentality. 



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“We spend every day together since we live together, but we do just about anything we want whenever. 

“Even if we are apart it never feels like it. Our bond is stronger than everything and we communicate all the time so no matter how far we are always near. 

“Besides who wants to go anywhere without their best friends?

“We don't share a bed, we have a four bedroom house that we live in alone and all have our own room.

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“We are fortunate enough to be able to watch movies and play video games together since we have so much room.”

The triplets are all well educated and have different passions.

Hannah majored in international business, Katherine is in engineering and Nadia studied computer science. 

They are popular video game streamers and appear on camera in tight dresses with full faces of makeup. 

Within their glitzy shared wardrobe is diamante-lined corsets, metal bralettes, mesh skirts, patterned mini dresses and fishnet tights. 

They also sport racy pyjamas, tight gym sets and lingerie as everyday clothes. 

But one area they’re not so excited about is the dating world. 

They said: “The best part is watching each other grow and explore an experience life. 

“We are beyond blessed to have one another. We don't need anything outside of one another. 

“Whatever we acquire is just an add on bonus on top of what we have already. 

“It's impacted us in the best way as I have the most important bond I'll ever need. 

“The dating scene is outrageous currently. We are beyond lucky that we have each other. 

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“No one would ever stop each other from pursuing what we individually want but we are not in search of partners and are collectively focused on growing our business and brand. 

“We are blessed enough to be able to confide in one another an have endless discussions about what life means to us. Whatever happens, happens.”

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