This optical illusion can reveal if you’re stubborn & have to have your own way – but it depends on what you see first | The Sun

ARE you secretly a very stubborn person who had to have their on way?

This optical illusion can reveal just that, but it depends on what you spot first.

The illustration shows the purple profile of a woman's face with bright red lips.

But some eagle-eyed viewers didn't see the woman first at all and instead saw the white rooster, whose head is also the woman's lips.

But which did you see?

Mia Yilin, who shared the illusion on TikTok revealed what it all means, so look closely.


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She explained: "If you first saw the rooster then you feel restless in your current state.

"You're constantly thinking of new ways to improve your life and do something big."

Because of this, romantic relationships aren't your top priority because you're so distracted by everything else going on.

When it comes to friendships, you like to socialise with successful people so you can network and learn from their skills, Mia added.

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However, if you fall into the group who saw the woman's face first it's a whole other story.

"You are a very humble person. You're not an attention seeker and would rather people don't know too much about what you're doing," Mia explained.

That said, you also have a tendency to be very stubborn if you don't get your own way and "hate it when other people see your weaknesses."

You probably also like to stick to the same routine every day, rather than try new things.

Despite this, Mia revealed you're still likely to achieve your goals because of your "incredible bravery and perspective."

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