Terrible period pains? People love this clever ear massage hack to relieve them

THERE are many things in life we could easily go without, and up there with the worst of them is dreaded period pain.

By now, we've tried every remedy under the sun to help manage the monthly discomfort, but there might just be something you haven't tried and it's a total game changer.

TikTok user @lessiamac reckons the end of a pencil will do the trick and reveals how using it on your ear can reduce period pain in an instant.

In the clip, which has racked up almost one million likes, she writes: "When you have period pain just massage this point of the ear. Massage for about one minute and the other ear too."

She demonstrates pressing the rubber-end of the pencil into the top of the ear as you rub in circular motions.

While it might look and sound absoluetely bonkers, people reckon it actually works.

"OMG it's literally working thank you," one woman wrote with a surprised face emoji.

And another shared: "Guys I'm back to say that it actually works. It may not cease the pain completely at once but after 5-10 minutes there's no more pain."

While a third woman said: "I instantly felt better. Thank you."

Dr. Tania Adib, a gynaecologist at the period care company Callaly, told Tyla she was "not at all surprised" by the hack has it all comes down to pressure points.

She said that "pressure points work for all sorts of symptoms" and that "ear acupuncture is very commonly used."

"Acupuncture really does work, it is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine.," she said.

"I'm all for complementary therapies in addition to what we do in mainstream medicine – not everything is curable with prescription."

Although she admitted she's never seen someone use a pencil on the outer ear to help soothe period cramps, she believes it may help some women, but not all.

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