Savvy mums show sun cream is the key to virtually ALL your cleaning problems – from pen marks to annoying sticky labels

IT'S one product that can usually be readily found in a bathroom cabinet.

But did you know that sun cream has more uses than just preventing UV damage?

Savvy mums have been sharing their tips for using sun cream for a variety of cleaning purposes – including getting rid of pesky sticky labels.

And with Christmas just around the corner, the trick – shared as part of a montage of hacks – has been welcomed by parents keen to take price tags off presents before the big day.

On the video shared by Lifehacksa on TikTok, a liberal application of sun cream was placed over a label on the handle of a hairbrush.

Then, the label was easily peeled off, with a cloth being used to wipe off the excess and any residual marks left by the label itself.

"The first one was such a help!" one person wrote, while another added, "Thank you, that's so helpful."

And it's not only sticky labels that sun cream comes in handy for.

Another mum took to TikTok to share a video of herself trying to get permanent marker off the end of her child's bed.

Kimber Key filmed herself spraying on some sun cream, which easily removed the marker, but then used sun lotion, which was less effective.

"Spray sunscreen works, lotion sunscreen does not," she captioned the video.

One person commented on the clip: "My dad used to write with permanent marker on my hands if I forgot something at school (as a punishment?) and it would get it off every time."

Another person commented that it's the alcohol in sunscreen that makes it so effective at removing the marker.

"I love how TikTok shows me just what I needed to see," someone else wrote.

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