Save a fortune on baby essentials by doing 'no new clothes' challenge, setting up a sharing circle & bagging freebies

SEPTEMBER is the UK’s busiest month for births, so if you’re expecting, get set for your new arrival with these bargain baby buys.

The next couple of weeks sees big stores host their annual ‘Baby Events’ so pick up everything you need for your bundle of joy using a tiny bundle of cash.

Crunch the Costs

1.    Take the ‘No New Baby Clothes Challenge’. Newborns only wear outfits for a few weeks, so use gifts from your baby shower or hand-me-downs from friends and family.

2.    Stockpile essential buys like nappies and wipes when they’re on sale, Try the Morrisons Baby Event this week for top savings.

3.    Share with your little one. Double up and use baby shampoo and bathing products for the whole family to spread the cost.

4.    Sign up for free coupons and discounts codes with your favourite baby brands.

5.    Check if your local council offers incentives to use reusable nappies. See

6.    Use a cashback site to make savings on both big buys and everyday baby essentials.

7.    Set up a Sharing Circle. Pass down items to people with tots younger than you and receive baby goods from those members who’s child has outgrown them.



Website of the Week

ATTENSHUN! Want to buy from great quality, fairly priced British businesses? Then try new site

The free-to-use platform features firms ranging from coffee shops to fitness to IT and window cleaning, with each small business is owned and run by ex-military staff.

The non-profit portal was set up by ex-Intelligence Corps veteran Stephen James. He explains: “There are over 70,000 business owned by Veterans and Reservists in the UK and we need to highlight their existence to help them reach more customers and be successful businesspeople. This site signals to customers that they are doing business with an organisation that is owned by a veteran.”

Find your local business at

Stephen’s Tips for Families on a Budget

1.    The Armed Forces are all about service, so you’ll know you’ll get great customer service when you buy goods or services from a veteran-owned business.

2.    Veterans are renowned for taking genuine pride in their work, so the  workmanship and quality of your purchase will be second to none.

3.    Shopping with a veteran’s business means you can support someone who has supported the country, Better still, you’ll be doing it by helping them to build their long-term business, not by charity.

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