RHOD's Tiffany Moon Has Epic Comeback to Kary Brittingham's Shady Necklace Tweet

Tiffany Moon may be new to The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she's already mastered the art of shade!

The anesthesiologist exchanged some choice words with costar Kary Brittingham on social media this week, as fans watched tension grow between the two women on screen. 

After the reality show's most recent episode aired on Tuesday, Brittingham reacted to the drama surrounding their first pool party together, where Moon claimed Brittingham pressured her to keep drinking.  

"Wow you asked me to help you have fun to then use it and call me a Bully," Brittingham wrote on Twitter. "@TiffanyMoonMD you are such a snake." 

"I asked you to help me have fun, not to haze me to drink. Tequila isn't the answer for everyone," Moon replied. "We both know I asked you to quit giving me shots. #reaching." 

Seemingly agreeing to disagree, Brittingham shared one final Tweet on the subject, writing "ok" alongside the hashtag "whatever."

However, the following day, Brittingham returned to their drama as she posted a shady Tweet about her costar. 

"⁦@TiffanyMoonMD⁩ this would look great on you," she wrote alongside a picture of one of her own jewelry designs: a diamond-encrusted snake necklace, which retails for $1,400.

Firing off an epic response, Moon wrote that the necklace wasn't her "style" and went on to call Brittingham her "favorite Serpentine RHOD" cast member.

"Thank you for the suggestion but ummmm, it's not really my style," she wrote, adding, "In honor of my favorite Serpentine RHOD member though, I've donated the cost of that to the SPCA, so hopefully some animals can benefit." 

"Have a wonderful rest of your day," she continued alongside a screenshot showing a receipt for her donation, which matched the cost of Brittingham's necklace.  

Signing off her pointed note, Moon included a hashtag reading: "wouldn't be caught dead with that on." 

The upcoming season promises more drama between the pair. 

In the season 5 trailer, Brittingham didn't hold back about her feelings regarding the show's latest addition. "I've got to say, it's been really nice having a doctor around," Stephanie Hollman said at one point, to which Brittingham remarked, "Has it?"

Later, Brittingham added, "All she does is give orders," before accusing Moon of being "two-faced."

In a video teasing next week's episode, Brittingham can also be seen pushing Moon into a pool during a party. 

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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