People are only just realising what it means when 'Inspector Sands' is called over a tannoy & it's blowing their minds | The Sun

HAVE you ever heard someone call for "Inspector Sands" over a tannoy, and wondered just what was going on?

Well, one woman was at a train station recently when she heard an announcement calling for the inspector, and took to TikTok to share a video of the moment.

In the clip, people could be seen departing from Tottenham Court Road station as a man's voice could be heard saying: "Would all passengers leave the station immediately.

"Would Inspector Sands please go to the Operations Room immediately."

"This happened in Tottenham Court Road and I immediately thought it was a nuclear attack," she wrote over the video.

"What is this code for?"

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People quickly took to the comments section to share their own understanding of the code name.

"inspector Sands, its fire code," one wrote.

As another added: "Inspector sands basically warns the staff that fire been detected and have 60 seconds to check it not then it goes into evac evacuation mode."

"Inspector sands is code for fire, in old days they used sand to put fires out," a third commented.

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"This happened at Euston one day and I thought me time was up," someone else wrote.

"Sands is always fire alarm. They use this code in nightclubs also," another added.

But someone else asked: "Why are they still using this?

"The code name was to not panic anyone, but now everyone knows what it is and the old timey voice is THE MOST ALARMING!"

As another agreed, writing: "Why do they need to have a code for it, gen question?

"In america they just tell you it’s a fire lol."

"Beem in London 10 yerars and didn't know this means fire. Thanks tiktok!" someone else commented.

"Oh my! I didn’t know that," another said.

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"I went London yesterday too and they done a call out like this to leave the station immediately."

"For anyone arguing over this. It's inspector SANDS and it's the alert for a fire not requiring a full station evacuation on British transport areas," someone else concluded.

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