Parents SHOULD let kids play with their food as it makes them more willing to try new ingredients, experts reveal

IT can be frustrating for some parents when kids play with their food and make a mess. 

But experts claim that you should let your children enjoy their mealtime even if it seems like there is more to clear up.

Ella’s Kitchen Nutritionist Claire Baseley said: “Parents often find it hard to get their children to eat new foods, with vegetables often topping the list of most challenging foods to introduce.

“But did you know, it can take up to 8-12 experiences of a food before your little one accepts it?

“The first few experiences with a new food might result in a few funny faces, but patient perseverance is key and a fun and enjoyable experience with food now can help build confidence and curiosity as they grow and make them more willing to try new things, including a variety of yummy tastes and textures.”

Studies show that little ones who engage and have fun with food using all their senses, in and outside of mealtimes, are much more willing to try those foods, and over time, learn to love them. ​​

A study by Ella’s Kitchen found that nearly half of parents (41 per cent) find getting their children to try and eat certain foods more stressful than a trip to the dentist (19 per cent) or even moving house (29 per cent).

Meanwhile, two-thirds (62 per cent) of parents still tell their children not to play with food despite research proving its benefit, and three in four parents (72 per cent) struggle to get their little one to try new foods at mealtimes.

Ella’s Kitchen has made Sensory Play Packs to help you let your little one enjoy mealtimes by exploring new foods in fun and exciting ways.

Claire added: “At Ella’s, we want little ones to fall in love with good food and enjoy their earliest mealtime experiences which is why our Sensory Play Packs are designed with this in mind.”

The packs have been created to help little ones from six months to three years fall in love with good food through fun, multi-sensorial games.

Included in the kit is a sensory play activity book and wall chart, stickers and a game. 

You can get the kit online for free if you spend £25.

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