Our kids wanted their own space but our house wasn't big enough so we came up with a unique way to divide their room | The Sun

A COUPLE whose kids wanted their own space have shared the unique, clever way they divided their bedroom.

Kim took to her TikTok page to share videos of the transformation, which they achieved by putting a bunk bed in the middle of the room.

They then constructed a timber frame which cleverly blocked the top bunk on one side, and the bottom bunk on the other.

Kim shared a video walkthrough explaining the layout, as she began: "So this is the door into the girls' room.

"As you can see, we’ve put wood at the bottom end of the bunk bed to create a walkway to separate the room.

"And this is my eldest girl’s side. She has lots of room for a big wardrobe, a desk and storage space.

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"She sleeps on the bottom bunk and above is a timber frame that we’ve built and we attached wood on either side and secured it to the bed frame.

"She has access to a window that opens and light and we left the bottom open so she can pull out her extra bed in case anyone sleeps over."

Kim then took the camera onto the other side of the room, explaining that the underneath of the bunk is open on the other side too, in case her youngest daughter has a sleepover.

"This is where she sleeps," she said, showing the higher bed.

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"We wallpapered the wood on her side because it was looking a little bit too white.

"And she has access to a window that opens, lots of light and all the storage."

"Bunkbed room divide," Kim added in the caption.

"Super cheap to achieve made possible by my very clever husband. Both girls now have their own space."

People were quick to comment on the concept, with one writing: "No, as someone who was 11 sharing a room w a 6 yo this is genius."

"I have twins and woah this is perfect," another added.

"This is genius omg," a third commented.

"Wow that is awesome what a great idea," someone else wrote.

While another comment read: "As a 17yr old who had to share a room with a 7yr old, this is all I ever wanted! Go fam!!"

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